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Meet 100 Ways's Original Ambassador, Kate!

By Kate W


Hi, my name is Kate and I'm from Ontario, Canada.

First and foremost, I am a mother of two; I have a beautiful son and daughter. I’m passionate about volunteer work, family adventures, and sipping tea while looking through the latest jewellery trends to discuss on my Instagram account Tried & True by Kate.

How it all started

I became interested in jewellery at a young age. My mother LOVES jewellery and she shared that passion with me and my sister. We were gifted jewellery throughout the years and that’s what started my collection.

One of the most meaningful pieces I have in that collection is a synthetic ruby ring in an emerald cut that belonged to my grandmother. We were very close, so this ring is very important to me. Anytime I wear it, I think of her.

Sustainably Canadian

When I found 100 Ways I was thrilled as I love jewellery, supporting Canadian business, and shopping sustainably for pre-loved pieces. They made shopping for fine jewellery affordable and, on top of that, their customer service is superb.

I love their array of vintage jewellery, I don’t have a specific era I’m most fascinated by, rather I’m very intrigued by the history of royal jewels. The pieces are so intricate and ornate, one of my favourite royal jewels is the Strathmore Rose Tiara worn by the Queen Mother. That remains in the Royal vaults to this day.

For more than a lifetime

When I’m picking out a fine piece of jewellery, I look at it as an investment. I know I’ll want to cherish certain pieces for a lifetime and, as my grandmother did for me, I know these pieces will hold sentimental value that will last beyond a lifetime. I try to purchase timeless classics. I don’t generally focus on what the brand is (although I do love Tiffany’s!) but more on the gemstones, metal, and style.

Tell us your story

Tell us your story

We’re looking for 100 Ways members to be a part of our Real Life Stories Series. If a 100 Ways piece was part of your festivities, we’d love to hear from you and feature you on The 100 Ways Blog!