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Brand Name Companies: Birks

By Caitlyn Learman


Birks has become a household name in Canada and is recognized as one of the most respected jewellery companies in the country and is highly beloved by the royal family! Founded by Henry Birks in 1879 in Montreal, Quebec, the company soon became well-known for its high-quality pieces and excellent craftsmanship. Specializing in high-quality jewellery as well as flatware, the company had a special place in many homes across the country.

The company was passed onto Henry's son William in 1901 and soon after began expanding to other locations across the country. They opened up shop in Ottawa in 1901, Winnipeg in 1903 and Vancouver in 1907.

The Royal Seal of Approval

In 1934, Birks received a royal warrant to supply British royalty with their lovely designs. They have hand-crafted many gifts for the royal family over the years, such as the Diamond Jubilee gift she received in 2011, which celebrated her 60th year on the throne!

Decades later, Birks still has some famous ties to the royal family. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is often seen sporting Birks jewellery to different royal functions, such as her engagement announcement in November 2017 and the Royal Christmas lunch where she first met the queen before marrying into the famous family and receiving her title.

Current Popular Collections

Birks has had many popular jewellery collections over the years, pulling a lot of their inspiration from Canada's diverse scenery and the beautiful changing seasons that we get to experience living up North!

Birks Essentials

This collection has been described as simple and clean designs. These pieces were made with everyday wear in mind!

Birks Bee Chic

Bee Chic is an instantly iconic and recognizable collection from Birks. The idea behind this collection was to help raise awareness of rick bee colonies and how important they are to our ecosystem. Incredibly fashionable and environmentally aware, items from this collection can be easily dressed up as well as worn every day!

Birks Snowflake

This collection was designed to capture the beauty of Canadian winters, with many of the pieces mimicking the many different shapes of snowflakes! It has also become a favourite collection among celebrities and has been seen worn most recently by Meghan Markle!

Birks Petale

Like many other collections from Birks, the "Petale" collection was designed to evoke feelings of being surrounded by nature's natural brilliance with delicate floral-inspired patterns and designs.

Birks Rock & Pearl

Another collection inspired by Mother Nature's natural beauty, the Rock and Pearl collection pulls many different inspirations from Canada's incredible landscape. From our gorgeous mountain ranges to the serene lakes that cover much of the country, this collection takes inspiration from it all! The contrast between gemstones in this collection helps create an unforgettable look.

This is only a small sample of the many gorgeous collections Birks has released throughout the years. With the company spanning all the way back to 1879, there are many different collections we haven't touched on above!

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